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Rubber Stuff and mulch from Rubber landscaping accessories.
Official RubberStuff premium mulch for commercial and educational landscaping.
Premium RubberStuff mulch for all gardening

Our China plant treats the welfare of its staff and workers on the first priority. They live in a pleasant and clean dormitory and go to a safe and pollution-controlled workplace. 
The factory canteen provides a hygienic environment and a healthy diet, all of which are very important in keeping our staff happy to ensure good productivity.
Free medical coverage helps build a peace of mind. In turn they help build a concerted effort in their jobs, with manufactured merchandise that can always meet with our customers' satisfaction.

Rubber Stuff established in July 1993. Thanks to the continued support and guidance of our valued customers.

We have high frequency welding machines ranging from 150KW to 4KW in house to create rubber stuff landscaping.
Our quality assurance team works on stringent standards to consistently ensure that rubber mulch works.

China Office.
Hong Kong sample room.

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